Welcome. SCUM is an non-for-profit, all-for-music organization created to bring bands to you and you to the bands. Santa Cruz, California is blessed with many underground DIY scenes. SCUM exists to assist them in their promotional efforts. We sponsor low-cost, non-alcohol, non-drug all-age shows.

Santa Cruz Underground Music

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You might be surprised to find out how easy it is to put on a show, promote a show, contact a band, produce a record, or assist a local non-profit organization.  If you need help or advice, drop us a line.  If you have space, ideas, sound equipment, a radio show, ANYTHING that can help, please let us know.

SCUM will gladly list any non-alcohol non-drug all-age shows in the Santa Cruz area. Send announcements, changes and inquiries to scruz_indie@smartgroups.com

Special thanks to Russ Granger for his service to the Santa Cruz music community.